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Precast Double Tee Panels

Features include:

  • Standardized, modular construction.

  • Presstressing and Harping create stronger concrete products that have long distance span capabilities.

  • Prestressing uses less steel and concrete than with conventional reinforcing, further reducing the weight of the building on the foundations.

  • Prestressed products work in both compression (concrete) and tension (cables) to create great structural efficiency.

  • Can be used for wall and/or roof panels.  Prestressed wall/ and or roof panels can reach up to 70 feet in height/ span.  (See Wall Panels Section for further information).

  • Precasting off-site, can speed construction schedule allowing walls and roofs go be erected as soon as the foundation work is in place.

  • More quality of strength, durability and finish due to plant fabrication environment.

  • Wall panels can be insulated to provide the durability  of concrete on both faces, and the thermal protections of a high mass concrete wall.

  • With proper detailing, an unbroken thermal envelope can be achieved further enhancing the thermal characteristics of the building.

  • Topping slab can be added for structural continuity and greater lateral resistance.

  • High Fire Ratings are possible.

  • A wide variety of exposed finishes, including:  reveal strips, chamfers, raked/ broom/ smooth finishes, exposed aggregate and colored concrete.

  • Bethlehem offers double tee panels in 16", 20", 24" and 36" sections.

Sample Photographs


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Cross Sections and Load Tables

Typical double tee load tables and sections w/ dimensions are shown below.  Other sizes and configurations are possible to meet each projects individual requirements.

24" Double Tee

30" Double Tee

Typical Non-Sandwich Section

Typical Sandwich Section


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